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Commercial Services

We provide commercial cleaning services to property developpers, realty agencies, and building managers

Clean 1

First time window clean. Remove all paint, texture, tape residue, and brick mortar from glass and frames. Rough clean on all tubs.

Sweep out / Wipe down

This is a quick sweep out of the house to make it look presentable. We also wipe down shelves and countertops. We do not go inside cabinets, unless you would like us to, in order to save you money. This clean can also be scheduled on a weekly or biweekly basis for specs if needed.

Pre-carpet clean

This clean is basically a top to bottom clean. All woodwork will be washed and dried, thresholds cleaned, appliances broken down, plastic removed from light fixtures, etc. The purpose of this clean is to remove as much dirt and dust as possible before the carpet goes down.

After carpet clean

This is a top to bottom clean. If it is scheduled very close to pre-carpet clean, most of the items in the house will still be clean, which will save you money.


Re-clean behind subs

This can be scheduled at any time. The purpose is to make the house look presentable after subcontractors have made a few messes.

Walk clean

Many of our builder’s need a touch up clean just before walking the house with a client. At this time, we clean anything that can be seen by the home owner. Those items mainly consist of appliances, countertops, floors, cabinets, and any fans or fixtures that look dirty. If an item is not dirty, we won't clean it.

Move in clean

This is the clean that is scheduled just before the client moves in. At this time, the house will sparkle. All items will be thoroughly checked and detailed as needed. Air filters will be changed, and windows will be re-cleaned at customer’s request.


Move in behind subs

Many times, repairs or changes have been made to the house after the move-in clean has been done. In this case, we would check everything in the house, but only clean what is needed.

Top to bottom

This can be scheduled at any time, and is usually for completed specs or offices. Windows will be re-cleaned at customer’s request.

Re-clean Windows

Clean glass due to dust or weather at anytime after the original window clean.

Spec or Model clean

This can be done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. It is just a quick clean on a completed spec or model to make the house look good for the weekend traffic.

Pressure wash

We currently offer pressure washing of garages, flatwork, and brick around house as needed. Be aware that the chemicals used to remove paint from garage floors can damage the sealer on patterned concrete or pebble driveways. Please schedule this before the driveway is complete.


Residential Services

We provide residential cleaning services to home owners in the Dallas metropolitan area

Clean Windows

At any time, we will wash your windows inside, outside, or both. This includes cleaning your screens, frames, and locks. Shutters and blinds can be cleaned at this time as well.

Outdoor clean

We clean porches, patios, gutters, fixtures, furniture and outdoor kitchens.

Maid Service

We are currently offering estimates for Maid Service type cleans.

Re-clean Windows

Re-clean inside and outside windows due to dust or weather at anytime after the original window clean.


Spring & Fall Cleaning

This is a clean that several of our homeowners have set up for once or twice per year. We will wash and dry everything from ceiling to floor including all woodwork, pictures, appliances, silk plants, dusting furniture, etc. This is a very extensive clean and can be tailored to your specific needs.


Janitorial Services

Janitorial needs from daily office cleaning to weekly church cleaning


Clean and supply designated building areas. Dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping. Specific, non-routine cleaning are available per request. We offer after hours cleaning for your convenience. Could be scheduled on daily, weekly, or as-needed basis.


Inventory Protection

We protect your internal inventory before any construction or remodeling work

Shielding windows with blue plastic to help prevent glass from getting scratched. We do not suggest leaving the plastic up for more than 120 days. After that, it may begin to bake onto the glass and frames, which makes removal very difficult.

Covering carpet wall to wall with plastic to help prevent soiling. We can also lay runners on any of these floors in high traffic areas if 100% coverage is not needed. We offer a contact plastic for runners on carpet. However, it should not stay down for more than 45 days. After that, the water based adhesive may begin to damage the carpet.

Protecting hardwood and tile floors wall to wall with paper or cardboard, and covering countertops to help prevent damage from dropped items and scratches.